Mental Health Awareness and Solutions

Mental health is also known as mental illness. It was discovered by the Greek physicians Hippocrates. Mental health refers to many kinds of mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors. Mental illness changes our emotions, behavior, and thinking. The person who has mental issues does not have an interest in doing work and thinks about the past activities again and again. Mental health awareness is very important to know more about this problem There are many ways to find out whether the person has mental health issues or not.

mental health solutions

Symptoms of Mental Health Issues

Feeling Sad or Down– The person who has a mental illness has a sad feeling and does not want to work anymore. He or she always finds a space where they or can live alone and recall all the negative memories which happened in their past life.

Excessive fears or worries– Mental health patients have the fear of people, things, or places. They always worry that their life becomes worst now. They live in an imaginary world where nothing is real.

Living alone– Mental illness makes people alone. They do not want to talk with their family and friends and live alone in their imaginary world. They treat all the people as the enemy of their life and create a negative atmosphere around themselves.

Suicidal thoughts– This is a major problem for mental health patients. They always think about suicide because they do not have the desire to do something or their life becomes purposeless. It makes them finish their life.

There are many programs for mental health awareness run by the government to prevent these mental health issues.

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World mental health day was celebrated for the first time on 10th October 1992. Still, many mental health awareness programs run and celebrate mental health day on the 10th of October. The purpose of celebrating mental health day is to spread awareness of mental health among people.

As we know that we cannot neglect mental health problems. There are 6 mental health solutions that can help you to make your life enjoy full.

mental health solutions

Give Value to Yourself

whatever you are, you are great. Give value to yourself. Because you are different, maybe in this world someone has a face like you but you are the only one on this earth who has a different attitude than others. So, stop hating you and love yourself. God would never be made like you again because you are a diamond.

Take Care of Your Body

Nowadays we are busy with our daily work. We do not have time to take care of our bodies. One of the best mental health solutions is to take care of your body because it is everything until your death comes. So please take care of it and do some exercise daily.

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Be in a Positive Environment

Always be in a positive environment. If you are positive then, you will feel happy and your mental health will be good as well. Always feed your mind with positive things. It helps you to keep your mind calm and increase your mental health awareness.

Deal with Stress

Stress is the main cause of mental health. It eats your mind like termites. In this world whatever work you are doing will be stressful. It depends on the work, but you will get stressed. So, you should know how to deal with stress.

  • Meditation–  meditation can control your stress level easily. If you make it a habit in your daily life, it can be very helpful for your mind.
  • Chew Gum-New studies show that chewing gum can make overcome stress it is a simple way of overcoming stress.
  • Be in Nature– Nature is the best source for feeling relaxed. While connecting with nature helps you to overcome your stress.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs

If you want to fix your mental health, you must avoid alcohol and other drugs because it affects your body as well as your mind. There are a lot of things available in place of drugs that you can try. If you are habitual of drugs then you should consult with a doctor or you should increase your willpower to beat this habit permanently.

mental health solutions

Be Creative

Creative means you are creating or learning something new, every day. New things increase your mentality. It makes new neurons in your mind. Creativity makes you intelligent. It changes your thought process and you always think about new ideas. It can be a good option if you want mental health solutions.


It is all the things that you should know about mental health. In a nutshell, mental health cannot be overcome until you want it yourself. First, you have to increase your willpower to overcome this. There is no shortcut to making it completely disappear you’re your life. It takes some time to make you as normal as other people. I hope these mental health solutions can add value to your life. Please let me know which point you like the most in this article.


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