How to Value Yourself in this Modern Life?

In today’s modern life most people do not think about self-value. Valuing yourself is not about selfishness. It is all about the love, respect, and kindness which you have for yourself.

A person who cannot give value and respect to himself then what is the guarantee that he will respect someone in this world? When you learn how to value yourself then it motivates you and gives you the ways to survive in the worst situation of your life. Let’s understand in detail how to give yourself value.

What is Self Esteem

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The person has value and respect for himself called self-esteem. Many people do not aware of it and they always make fools of themselves. They cannot stick to their habits that can change their life. It shows that the person is not serious about his or her life. Self-esteem means the person knows what kind of things make him respected. You believe it or not but if the person does not give value to himself, cannot give to others as well and we have to learn how do we value ourselves. you can also improve it with the law of attraction.

Simple Ways to Increase your Self Value

Now you have a proper idea that why self-value is important so let’s understand the ways to improve it more.

Stop Comparing Yourself to others

Well, we all do this and it is natural. We cannot be perfect in everything; we have to learn more. But it does not mean that we think negatively about ourselves. Instead of comparing yourself with others, you should make yourself better, not that you have to beat that person but for your self-respect which is more worthy than all over the world.

It does not mean what people think about you and what your image is in front of this world. What you think about yourself, is more important because it will tell you where you are making mistakes.

Always Appreciate yourself

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Appreciating yourself is the best way to increase your self-value. Here you have to use the positive thoughts and appreciate yourself for a short success. If you wake 5 minutes earlier than the previous morning then appreciate yourself. These compliments will motivate you to do better and your self-respect increase automatically, also if you did something wrong then accept it because if you appreciate continually yourself while being wrong then it will decrease your self-respect.

Seek Guidance

While taking your life decision, it is important that what is the atmosphere around you and to whom you are taking suggestions. If the people around are your mentor, then you can take the suggestions to them because they know very well about your life and can give you the best guide which can change your life completely. After taking their help, you should also see whether the decision is helpful to you or not, because sometimes a wrong decision can make the worst future, so be aware while taking the help from anybody else. If you did not use your mind then your self-value becomes zero.

Say NO to Others

You cannot be available for everyone all the time. Do not make yourself too lazy to be available with someone every time because you came here alone and will go alone. So, stop depending on someone else, it will damage your value, instead of this, you should say NO to those who are wasting your life directly or indirectly. While saying NO to them you are saying YES to yourself. Do not ignore yourself, because you know everything about yourself than anybody else in this world.

Set the Deadline

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A healthy deadline can make a person disciplined. All you have to do is set healthy deadlines which can give you warning all the time that you have to complete the work before the period. It makes you motivate all the time if you are unable to complete the work before the deadline and feel guilty, it means you are giving value to yourself and if you feel nothing then you have to be more serious about your lifestyle. When you complete the work in your given timeline then it gives you satisfaction and increases your self-value.

Follow your Heart

Your heart always tells you what you like most in this world. You should not avoid your inner voice. You can hide everything from this world but you can’t from yourself. Your inner voice always tells you to start the work right now but you postponed it again and again. You should know that you are making a fool of yourself. Everybody can think bad about you but your inner person always wants to make you successful in life. Follow your heart instead of blindly following someone because you cannot ignore your self-respect.

Forgive Yourself

Sometimes forgiveness is very important to achieve something big, whether you forgive someone else or yourself. It makes you a kind person and give you more ideas about life. It tells you that you are human and can make mistakes, but what you are learning from those mistakes, it is the most important thing. Forgive means giving one more chance and now you have to perform in a better way than the previous one.


That’s all about how to value yourself, there can be more ways which can tell about the self-value but until you do it by yourself, you cannot increase your self-esteem. Self-value is your inner voice which can only listen to by yourself. This is the most powerful voice ever which can completely give the next level to your life. It is a feeling that always stops you to do something wrong and also appreciates you while beginning work.

First, you have to be serious about your life. When you value yourself then it becomes the priority of your life. Whatever work you want to do, you will be able to take the action on them. You will stop giving fake excuses to yourself and your work will be done on the time.

What do you think about this article and what are your thoughts? kindly share it with me so that I can improve it more.

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