How the Mind Work and Why it is Important for you?

If you want to know how the mind work then first you should aware of what the mind is, it’s a very powerful thing in this whole world. Which cannot compare to anyone or anything. It contains thoughts, feelings, subjective states, and self-awareness but all these things depend on how the neurons are working and connected to the different parts of the brain. But still, Scientists, philosophers, and theologians have been trying to deeply understand the mind for centuries. Specifically, whether it is separate from the brain or not, or does it a part of the body?

how the mind work

Types of Minds

The functions of the mind are very difficult to understand like as where we get our thoughts, why we could not remember the first word which we spoke, why we see dreams in the night, and how mind reading works. These things make the mind very complex that’s why we are going to understand the types of minds separately.

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1. Conscious Mind

This is the first and normal state of mind where we are now. You are in this state while reading this blog post because people exactly know what they are doing while being conscious.

The conscious mind tells you everything about your day like- when you have to wake up, eat, play and work, etc. In simple words, you are aware of who you are and what you are doing, and what you will get after completing this. It never gets tired and always works for you but when you go to sleep, this conscious state slowly turns into your subconscious mind which is our next type of mind.

2. Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is responsible for your dreams and all the activities which you are doing all time like- breathing, sneezing, and Nictitation. It works as an autopilot in our lives and there are many real-life examples of it. Sometimes you go to your home and you keep thinking of different things but at the last, you reach your home. It means when we do one work every day then it goes into our subconscious mind which is hard to forget until we stop doing that work.

It is a very amazing skill or power that we all have and It makes the mind so powerful and interesting to know more about this. People use this power to know how mind reading works even the law of attraction is also part of this.

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how the mind work

3. Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind is a large volcano that can not visible by the eyes because it is under the earth and we can only see a small part of the volcano which is above the earth. Similarly, our unconscious mind is playing a large role in our life but we are only aware of our conscious mind.

If you want to know how the unconscious mind work then you will have to be aware of everything you do in your day. When you do this for the first time so there are high chances that you feel uncomfortable. but when you get this into your daily routine so it will make your distance easier to know yourself.

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How the Mind Work

However, our mind is a very complex and curious thing in this world but we can try how the mind works by using our mind. Looks funny but we can explore it. When you are alone and not doing any physical or mental things. You can peacefully see your thoughts and when you try it they will be stopped suddenly. If you do this on daily basis then you will get to know that you are conscious of your thoughts means you will be able to know how the thoughts are running in your mind and which is beneficial for you or not This is the first step to understanding the mind and when you command this then you will explore more new things like the sound of silence.

how the mind work

How Mind Reading Works

On a serious note, a human cannot read the mind of others but yes, there are some points with helping them they can get an idea about the other person’s mind and what they are thinking. This is empathic accuracy that includes many things like- feelings, emotions, and body language.

As we watch in the movies how mind reading works but, in the reality, it does not seem like this. If you want to read the mind then first you must be aware of a person’s mood, body language, tone, and choice of words. But you are thinking about how we can read the mind with the help of their behaviors.

Scientists researched that faces say all about the person. when the person is happy so their face looks similar to a V shape with eyebrows and mouth turned up. In opposite angry people’s faces form, more of an X with eyebrows and mouths turned downward. When you know about this then it can improve communication and understanding between two persons.

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There are only a few people who want to know how the mind works but they must know that the mind is all about awareness because it is not even a part of our body but more than our thinking ability. If we feed positivity into it then the result would be positive as well. We should not try to stop our thoughts besides looking at them carefully. It is all about the practice which you do in your day.

It was all about the mind but do not assume that after doing this you will become powerful and enlightened. This is just to make you realize who you are and how you can know yourself in a better way.

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